Bizbuz was born in light of the many hardships faced for businesses and individuals to communicate with each other. Many small and upcoming businesses do not have the reach of customers without significant advertising. Many established businesses would like an online presence without maintaining a full fledged website.


Bizbuz aims to list all businesses and provide a market place for vendors. Any individual or business can list his/her business or ad for free*. Apart from this Bizbuz will provide services that will make life more convenient for anyone who uses the service.


Our goal is to ensure customers can benefit from the vast information provided by Bizbuz. From the directory listings to the interactive communication between various types of users, we want to ensure there is something for everyone.


Directory Listings

Directory Listings is the core purpose of Bizbuz. Listings are free or paid and has no pre-requisite requirement. Anyone can list their business or other ad in the directory. For prominent placement and ads, premium listings are available.

Vendor MarketPlace

For selling to the customer the Vendor MarketPlace will showcase products that buyers can browse and shop for. Vendors will be required to pay a fee for the MarketPlace but individual products will not have a premium.

JobSearch (pending)

As the name suggests, JobSearch will basically help potential employees to find their dream job. Unlike other portals, JobSearch will only list those jobs that the lister has influence over.

Free Ads

Free Ads allows any user to buy or sell used items. There will be no charge except for those that require premium listings.


TravelHub will connect travelers in order to share cabs and communicate with each other so that they can travel together (for example when a family is traveling and requires support) or share luggage etc.

Abud Asif

Concept Manager and Presenter

Saud Kazia

Creative head and lead designer as well as project manager of BizBuz.